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CDPAP Steps to Enrollment

If you’re curious about how to enroll as a CDPAP patient, you’re in the right place. Straightforward and stress-free, choosing a caregiver and signing them up to receive compensation is easier than ever. QDM Enterprises is a Fiscal Intermediary (FI), meaning we’re contracted to ensure your caregiver gets paid. We’re here to guide you and your chosen caregiver through this process and provide you with the knowledge necessary to fulfill your needs.

How to enroll in the CDPAP program:

Step 1 Get Assessed

After talking to your primary doctor and requesting an assessment, a nurse will visit you at home or call (due to COVID-19) to determine if you’re eligible for the CDPAP program. Through this assessment, you’ll find out how many weekly hours of care you can get.

Step 2 Choose a Caregiver

No one can take care of you like family or close friends. Once you determine your caregiver and are deemed eligible for home care, QDM will be able to enroll you in the program. Contact us at our website or by phone at 917-287-5217 to discuss your assessment and make a plan.

Step 3 Scheduling and Tasks

After contacting QDM, your caregiver will determine their weekly commitment. Hours are flexible day to day, allowing your caregiver to assist you without compromising their schedule. From there, they’ll come up with a plan for what kind of care you’ll need and how they can best deliver it.

Step 4 You Get Care - They Get Paid

After your caregiver is registered, you’re practically set! You’ll receive ongoing care from a person who loves you, and they’ll get peace of mind because they’re getting paid for the care they provide.

Don’t wait, call 917-287-5217 to start the process. QDM cares.

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